Intro Video Infographics


We are a technology company focused on State of the Art Internet Multimedia. Our goal is to continue to advance and make this product the best possible Video Marketing Tool in the industry. We want to enable any company to set itself apart from its competitors through:

  • Create Interactive Videos or Images

    Videos, Photos, Graphics, Maps, Animation, Almost anything. Make unlimited clickable hot spots (Popup Windows, Live URL links, etc) layered over your media. This technology is growing and can increases click through rate 30% – 60%.

  • Schedule video / Image when to play

    This will become huge! Schedule video or Image when to play. (Example: 3rd Thurs of every month at 10am till 12pm, or play once for a particular computer on Fri & Sat 6pm till 9pm. Tracks IP address. Unlimited Options. Can schedule by GMT.

  • Geocode your video

    Play / present video or image by location (Country, State, City, zip etc). Target your audience with your message.

  • Create Selectable Video Endings or go anywhere within the video

    User picks the location or ending they want for a video. This option takes the viewer to a selected spot in the video timeline. Can have multiple endings or options available.

  • Advanced Video & Image Control Player

    Change look, Themes, Icons, Add Index Marks, Autoplay, Loop, Bookmark objects, Plus much more.

  • Manage Pop-Up Windows / Hotspots

    Control Pop-Up windows for hotspots. Customize size, color, opacity, text etc. Popup windows can display video within a video, Text, Images, Audio or any outside iFrame info (even 3D walkthrough’s, 360 degree panning & Brochures/Publications).

  • Layer Custom Clickable Images

    Add Images anywhere over top of video (Watermark etc). Can be clickable hotspots if desired.

  • Bookmarks

    Create Video Clickable Bookmarks. A bookmark will not pause the video (Like normal) but rather show all clicked hotspots after video has finished. This allows for one piece video playback.

  • Create Closed Captioning

    We allow users to add traditional Closed Captioning (vtt files) or new Advanced Captioning services.

  • SEO / Meta Data

    Users can enter desired SEO / Meta Data information as needed.

  • Display Video / Image Analytics

    Customize Built in Analytics. You decide what information is important to you. Can download or print as needed. Also can link with Google Analytics.

  • Plus many more advanced options.

    We are firm believers in some key elements to success: Integrity, Honesty, Good Communication and Hard Work. We welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas.