About Us

Thanks for checking us out.

We are a technology company focused on State of the Art Internet Multimedia. Our goal is to continue to advance and make this product the best possible Video Marketing Tool in the industry.

A little personal background:

I am a Former Recon Marine, Steve Stone (Founder of VIDMGR ), and have always enjoyed the adventure of being one of the first to learn, test, and appreciate the latest in technology. I was involved early on with wireless internet and was one of the first in the country to be certified in fiber optics.

My background in computer technology combined with my passion for video, photography and the internet compelled me to launch a state of the art internet multimedia company in 2006 called Options Multimedia based in Denver, CO.

My vision into the future of internet multimedia has driven me to develop a powerful new cloud- based video manager tool (VidMGR) that enables any company to set itself apart from its competitors through:

  • Video Interactivity .
  • Viewer Geocoding (Target your audience) .
  • Video Scheduling to play by date, time, or viewer
  • Systematic Analysis of Viewer Data.
  • Closed Captioning.
  • Pop-Up Window Managing.
  • Layering Customer Clickable Images.
  • Bookmarks
  • Selectable Video Endings.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Meta Data
  • Voice Recognition

I am a firm believer in some key elements to success: Integrity, Honesty, Good Communication and Hard Work. We welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas.

We hope you will enjoy. Contact me at ss-1@vidmgr.com